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Save Up To 30% Off 2021 Contiki Trips

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Up To 30% Off 2021 & 2022 Trips
6 months ago

Up To 30% Off 2021 & 2022 Trips

Valid online only
Early bird deal
Early bird deal
Valid for worldwide destinations but on selected trips only.
10% Off 7+ Day Trips For NHS Workers
6 months ago 429 days left

10% Off 7+ Day Trips For NHS Workers

Valid online only
Early bird deal
Early bird deal
THANK YOU HEALTH WORKERS πŸš‘πŸ˜· Valid for all trips departing up until 31st December 2022. Valid ID card required.
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About Contiki

When you think of youth travel, the name Contiki will almost always spring to mind. Contiki is a highly respected tour operator for 18-35-year-olds and has been in operation since 1962 – long before travel as we know it today!

Contiki is part of The Travel Corporation and makes up a family of 42 award-winning travel and hospitality brands that operate across 70 countries. It’s huge! Being part of such a large organisation is reassuring for many travellers and just one reason why Contiki is such as leading travel brand.

Like many other travel operators today, Contiki is a sustainable tour operator and committed to protecting the communities they visit, and the wildlife you’ll interact with.

Contiki history

Things happened differently in the 60s – and the same goes for Contiki’s foundation. In 1962, New Zealander John Anderson was alone, and without much money. John wanted to travel Europe with new friends, so he got together a deposit on a minibus, gathered a group of people, and spent 12 weeks exploring Europe.

That wasn’t the beginning of Contiki, though. Contiki was born because John couldn’t sell the minibus! As a result, he decided to promote his Europe tour again, and this time he was a sellout.

Contiki was born.

In 1968, Contiki ran their first tours through Africa, the Middle East & India.

New Zealand trips launched in 1981, America in 1982 and Australia in 1984.

Contiki has grown rapidly ever since with more destinations launching with the latest being Japan in 2015.

What type of Contiki deals are available?

Contiki deals are available all year round. The type of deal & percentage of discount will vary depending on the time of year. Some of Contiki’s deals will require the use of a promo code and others will not. If you are using a Contiki discount code, you will need to apply this when booking your tour online.

Contiki deals are available in four different styles. These include:

Contiki current offers

Current offers are discounts on selected styles of Contiki tours, and these vary from month to month. For example, one month there could be a 20% discount on small group tours one the following month they will offer 15% off sailing & cruising tours.

Contiki current offers are a great option if you’re unsure of the exact tour you’re looking for and need a little inspiration!

Contiki last-minute deals

Last-minute Contiki deals are discounts on tours departing within the next two months. These deals offer the most significant savings; however, some people find that getting time off work last minute isn’t possible.

If you can pack up and leave at short notice, then you’ll be looking at a saving of 10% – 30% off your Contiki tour.

Last-minute discounts are available year-round and are usually always available for every country that Contiki operates.

Contiki ongoing deals

Unlike current offers or last-minute deals, Contiki ongoing deals are available all year round no matter the season. There are four ongoing deals which include multi-trip discounts, loyalty discounts (also known as past-passengers), triple share discounts & student discounts.

All of the ongoing deals provide a maximum discount of 5%, which isn’t a considerable amount, but they can be combined with other discount codes to increase your savings.

Contiki promo codes

Contiki is generous when it comes to offering dedicated Contiki discount codes – but they are only available for selected tour departures.

Usually used in conjunction with the last-minute deals, you’ll find many tours will require a Contiki discount code that has to be used at the time of booking.

How do you use a Contiki promo code?​

Simply paste the code into the required section on the β€˜trip overview’ page when booking your tour on the Contiki website.

Image of the Contiki website showing where to paste the promo code when booking your tour online
Paste your Contiki promo code on this page when booking online.


We may receive compensation from the travel operators we promote & our affiliate links . The opinions & views expressed on this website are entirely our own.

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We may receive compensation from the travel operators we promote & our affiliate links . The opinions & views expressed on this website are entirely our own.

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Save Up To 30% Off 2021 Contiki Trips

πŸ“ Europe: Up to 30% off
πŸ“ Latin America: Up to 25% off
πŸ“ Australia: Up to 20% off
πŸ“ Asia: Up to 20% off
πŸ“ USA & Canada: Up to 25% off
πŸ“ Europe ski trips: Up to 25% off

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Save Up To 30% Off 2021 Contiki Trips