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About Contiki

When someone says they want to “do a Contiki trip”, you instantly know what they mean. How? Since 1962 Contiki has been operating tours for 18-35-year-olds to all corners of this wonderful world. They are the early pioneers of youth group travel, and they are pretty damn good at it too!

Contiki’s’ travel philosophy is #NoRegrets. It’s their trademark, so to speak and their understanding of how every Contiki tour shapes and changes their passengers. Contiki travellers love to challenge the norm & push conventional boundaries.

It’s for this very reason why Contiki Tours are extremely popular with students and those on a gap year looking for an experience of a lifetime. And thanks to the 35 year age limit, “older” travellers are also getting in on the Contiki action.

You can book your Contiki tour with confidence as they are ATOL protected & an ABTA member. Contiki is also highly committed to protecting the communities they operate and are partnered with the TreadRight Foundation who promote sustainable travel.

Contiki tours can be more expensive than other travel operators, and that’s why using discount codes for Contiki is a great way to save money on your next adventure.

Reasons why we love Contiki

  • Strictly 18-35’s only
  • Loads of Contiki discounts available
  • Hundreds of trips to choose from
  • Over 50 years of experience

What Type Of Contiki Deals Are Available?

Contiki deals are available all year round. The type of deal & percentage of discount will vary depending on the time of year. Some deals will require the use of a Contiki promo code and others will not. If you are using a Contiki discount code, you will need to apply this when booking your tour online.

Contiki deals are broken down into three different styles. These include:

  • Current offers
  • Last-minute deals
  • Ongoing deals

Current offers

‘Current offers’ are discounts on selected styles of tours, and these vary from month to month. For example, one month there could be a 20% discount on small group tours one the following month they will offer 15% off sailing & cruising tours.

Contiki current offers are a great option if you’re unsure of the exact tour you’re looking for and need a little inspiration!

FYIContiki promo codes are not required for current offers.

Last minute deals

Last-minute deals are discounts on tours departing within the next two months. These deals offer the most significant savings; however, some people find that getting time off work last minute isn’t possible. If you can pack up and leave at short notice, then you’ll be looking at a saving of 10% – 30% off your Contiki tour.

Last-minute discounts are available year-round and are usually always available for every country that Contiki operates.

FYISome last-minute deals use Contiki promo codes, and some do not. If no discount code is supplied, it means that departure is already discounted.

Ongoing deals

Unlike current offers or last-minute deals, Contiki ongoing deals are available all year round no matter the season. There are four ongoing deals which include multi-trip discounts, loyalty discounts (also known as past-passengers), triple share discounts & student discounts.

TipThe Contiki student discounts are the only ongoing deal which requires a Contiki discount code to be used.

How Do You Use A Contiki Promo Code?​

Simply paste the code into the required section on the ‘trip overview’ page when booking your tour on the Contiki website.

Image of the Contiki website showing where to paste the promo code when booking your tour online

Paste your Contiki promo code on this page when booking online.

Contiki Promo Codes For February

30% offLast-minute tripsGET DEAL
20% offAsia tripsPPASIALMD787
20% offWorldwide tripsGET DEAL
5% offFor studentsPPSTUDENTS5D
20% offUSA & Canada tripsPPUSALMD1176
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