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Save 25% on standard adult prices. Learn more.
Save 25% on standard adult prices. Learn more.
This discount is valid for Interrail Pass holders only. Interrail discount code must be used.
This discount is valid for Interrail Pass holders only. The Interrail coupon code must be used to get this discount.
Valid for English travel guides only. Interrail coupon must be used to get this deal.
You must use the Interrail promo code to get this discount.
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About Interrail

The Interrail pass was introduced in 1972 to allow young travellers an opportunity to discover more of Europe. Today, Interrail passes – and Interrailing is open to people of all ages.

Thanks to the ability to easily and cheapy travel Europe, Interrailing has become a “rite of passage”, particularly among students.

Depending on your pass type, Interrailing can open up 33 European countries for train travel and be valid for three travel days right up to a maximum of three months.

Interrail passes

There are two types of Interrail passes available, these are the Interrail Global Pass & the Interrail One-Country Pass.

A Global Pass gives you flexible train travel in 33 European countries and the One-Country Pass is restricted to travel within a specific country of your choice.

There are pre-designed Interrailing packages available if you want to travel without having to do all the research and bookings yourself (but that’s half the fun)!

What type of Interrail deals are available?

Interrail offers three types of discounts:

Interrail discount codes

Interrail often provide discount codes for their passes as well as partner discounts, and we find that an Interrail discount code is usually available for an Interrail Pass package.

Savings are not huge, but you can expect to save up to 10% off your ticket when you use an Interrail discount code.

Youth discounts

If you’re 27 years or younger, then you can save up to 25% on standard adult prices.

Just click on the Youth tab of the Interrail pass price table when you’re selecting your pass to get this discount.

Partner deals

Interrail has partnered with some big brands which allow you to get some good deals. Partner deals include:

How to use your Interrail discount code

It’s easy to apply your Interrail promo code. You need to start your checkout process and on the confirmation page (before you pay), you paste your discount code in

How to use an Interrail discount code
Paste your discount code in the field shown above.

Contacting Interrail

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Save 25% If You’re 27 Or Younger