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Remember when you had grand plans to travel in 2020?

You were going to explore new countries, meet new people, try new cuisines, experience new cultures – And then COVID-19 came along and 💩 all over your plans.

So now you look to 2021 with the hope that your travel dreams come true.

We all do 🙏

But where to go?

Well, the team at TourRadar have done a little digging into their user data and shared the top five in-demand countries for 2021.

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1. Greece

The beautiful blue water and white beach of Navagio Beach - otherwise known as Shipwreck Beach in Greece

Seriously, have you seen that water!? 😍

With its dreamy coastlines, postcard-perfect islands and delicious gyros, it’s no surprise that Greece is #1 on TourRadar’s 2021 travel bucket-list.

2. Italy

Italy has so much to offer: Bustling cities, ancient ruins, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery.

So let’s hope that in 2021, that we are allowed to once again wander through Rome’s sprawling piazzas, fill-up on handmade pasta in Bologna, and cruise along the Amalfi Coast.

3. Iceland

Two words: Northern Lights.


Just go.

4. Egypt

You can visit Egypt all year round, and you can tick off some big-ticket bucket-list items such as the mighty Nile, the Red Sea, and the Pyramids of Giza.

Egypt is also considered to be one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the Middle East and Africa.

5. Japan

Hit up the futuristic mega-city of Tokyo, but make sure to travel further afield to discover quaint mountain towns and some of the oldest civilisations on earth.

You’ll discover diverse history and experiences that you won’t find in any other part of the world.

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