Topdeck Discount Rewards – 4 Secret Ways To Save Money When Booking Your Topdeck Trip

Here's how you never have to pay full price for your Topdeck trip 💁‍♀️


If you’re not the type to sniff out a bargain before you whip out your credit card, then you’re probably unaware that there are a few clever ways to save on your Topdeck booking. And exactly how can you do this? With Topdeck discount rewards. Your new secret weapon in reducing the cost of your Topdeck trip!

Whilst Topdeck tours are fairly well-priced in comparison to Contiki, the cost of your tour can be a large part of your overall holiday expenses so if there’s a way to pay less, then you’d be mad not too.

1. What are Topdeck discount rewards?

✅ Topdeck discount rewards are stand-alone discounts.
❌ They cannot be combined with other Topdeck deals or discount codes (unless you’re combining two discount rewards).

There are four (4) Topdeck discount rewards on offer. These include the ‘past passenger discount’, ‘friends & discounts’ and the ‘multi-trip discount’. Admittedly, all pretty boring titles, but they can save you up to 15% off your Topdeck booking – and not many people seem to know they even exist!

Past passenger discount

5% discount

Friends & discounts

Up to 10% off

Multi-trip discount

5% discount

Combinable discounts

Up to 15% off

Unlike traditional Topdeck discount codes and deals which are applicable to almost every passenger, discount rewards are limited to particular booking styles such as returning passengers, group bookings or multiple tour bookings, so the downside is that if you don’t fit into one of these categories, then you don’t save. Not cool Topdeck.

On the other hand, Topdeck discount rewards are available all year-round where as some Topdeck discount codes and deals are only available at certain times of the year (and on selected tours).

The year-round ability of these rewards is a huge advantage for you because if you can’t find a discount code for the tour you want, then you might be able to make use of a Topdeck discount reward and still save on your booking. Any discount is a bonus right.

We have found that the most commonly used discount rewards are the group discount (10% off), the multi trip discount (5% off), and the past passenger discount (5% off). It is important to note that you can only combine two Topdeck discount rewards for a maximum discount of 15%.

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2. Past Passenger Discount (5% Off)

Like any travel company, it comes as no surprise that Topdeck wants to encourage repeat customers. So if you’re thinking about going on another Topdeck trip then you’re in for a lovely discount of 5%. Now whilst this doesn’t sound overly generous, it is worth taking advantage of if you have already travelled with Topdeck before. Let’s crunch some numbers to show you how much you could potentially save.

Let’s say you’re booking a trip valued at £1,800. If you take advantage of the past passenger discount of 5%, then you will save £90. That’s pretty good going!

How to get this discount

It’s actually really easy. Just find the tour you want to book, log into the Topdeck site and tick the “I have previously travelled with Topdeck” box. The team at Topdeck will apply the 5% discount when they process your booking.

The tickbox on the Topdeck website where you select if you have travelled with Topdeck before
Tick the "I have previously travelled with Topdeck" box when booking to apply your past passenger discount
3. Friends & Discounts (Up to 10% Off)

Quite a lot of people book Topdeck trips as a solo passenger; however, according to a Topdeck poll, 53% of people would rather travel with friends than go solo.

So if you & your group of friends are thinking of travelling together, then you need to take advantage of the Topdeck group discount!

A poll undertaken by Topdeck showing results of solo travel vs group travel
A recent poll by Topdeck

This Topdeck deal says that it is up to 10% off but the base group discount is actually 5% for a booking of 4-6 friends. The discount percentage increases the more friends you book with. Here’s a breakdown of the group discount:

  • 4-6 friends = 5% off
  • 6-9 friends = 7.5% off
  • 10 or more friends = 10% off

How to get this discount

You just need to make sure that all your friends are booked on the same trip departure, or you won’t get the discount.

Image showing where you need to select the number of friends booking at the same time to get this discount
Select the number of friends you'll be booking & travelling with
4. Multi-Trip Discount (5% Off)

Have you ever just thought “f*ck it, I’m going travelling for 6 months”?

Well if you have – and you decide to do multiple trips with Topdeck, then make sure you plan in advance and get the 5% discount on offer. Again, 5% might not seem like a lot, but let’s take a loot at the numbers.

Say you book one trip worth £2,500 & a second trip at the same time for £3,200. You’ll save a whopping £285 on the two trips. That’s probably more than enough to cover your travel insurance for your entire trip!

How to get this discount

To get the Topdeck multi-trip discount you just have to book multiple trips at the same time. The Topdeck team will apply the discount when they process your booking.

5. Combinable Discounts (Up To 15% Off)

OK, so this one is pretty straight forward. Just combine any other of the Topdeck discount rewards mentioned above and get up to a maximum of 15% off your trip.

Let’s say that you book with 10 friends and you’ve also travelled with Topdeck before. You’ll get 10% off for the group booking discount and a further 5% off for being a past passenger with Topdeck. Boom, that’s 15% right there 🙌

How to get this discount

You just have be be eligible for the other discount rewards and the Topdeck team will apply your discount when they process your booking. Easy as that.

Note: You can only get up to 10% off when booking Asia trips.

6. When NOT to use Topdeck discount rewards

We love Topdeck, and the fact that they offer these extra discounts just makes them all that better in our opinion. But a word of warning before you jump right in: You should weigh up whether using a discount reward is more advantageous than using a standard Topdeck discount code or deal if one is available for your tour.

Remember that these discount rewards cannot be combined with any other deal and the maximum you can save is 15% when you combine any two discount rewards together and you might be better off not using one in some circumstances.

Let’s pretend there’s a Topdeck deal on offer for 25% off (which is quite common), then you’re better off skipping the discount reward and snapping up the deal instead!

Infographic showing the four different discount rewards available from Topdeck travel
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