Is Contiki a party tour?

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AvatarMik asked 4 months ago
I am really unsure if I would be more suited to do a Contiki tour or Topdeck trip. My main concern is that Contiki might just be a party tour.

Is this true?

A lot of things I have read in old Tripadvisor posts says that they are heavily party orientated, but are they still this way?

Any advice or other recommendations would be great!


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AvatarCarla answered 3 months ago
They had a pretty bad reputation way back in the early 2000’s but I think they have cleaned up their act in the last few years.

I did a European Adventurer tour in 2017 and it was fantastic. Of course with so many young people its going to involve partying and nights out… but it certianly wasn’t a massive “party tour”.

If you’re worried, try booking a slightly more expensive tour (if you can afford to do so). This way you may avoid the younger crowds who are more likely to play up lol


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