Is The Royal National Hotel London a good idea before or after Contiki?

ForumCategory: ContikiIs The Royal National Hotel London a good idea before or after Contiki?
AvatarAshely asked 2 months ago
My boyfriend and I will be doing a 12 day European Discovery tour and would like to spend a few days in London before and after our tour. We would like to do some sightseeing in the days before our tour leaves and probably recover and relax after the tour ends.

I believe the Royal National Hotel is the closest hotel to Contikis basement… but is it any good?

I have read so many reviews online and I am unsure what to believe! Has anyone stayed here before and would they recommend or warn against it?

Are there other alternatives closeby for the same money?

Any advice would be much appreciated x

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AvatarFiona answered 1 month ago
I stayed at the Royal National Hotel last month for just one night before my Contiki tour and it was perfectly fine. Is it a fancy hotel? Absolutely not. But I had just flown all the way from Australia and it was more than enough for me (especially being jetlagged)!

What I found the best about this hotel was the conviniece for leaving early on tour the next day. I could actully see the tour bus in the hotel carpark so I would recommend it BEFORE your tour.

I would suggest you stay elsewhere after you come back though because you will want something nicer and in a better location than Russell Square. Obviously it will depend on your budget but I personally wouldn’t have stayed there AFTER my tour.

Hope this helps & have fun. You’ll love it


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