Where to stay in London before a Contiki trip

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AvatarTess asked 3 months ago
Any suggestions on where to stay in London before my Contiki trip? I would like to stay as close to the departure point as possible.

I’ll be coming to Europe by myself in July 2020 for a Contiki Croatia Island Sail trip and ideally I would like to spend at least 4 nights in London before the trip and a couple of nights after. Because I am travelling solo I want to stay in a safe part of town.

I’m on a budget, so looking at spending no more than $200 AUD per night (approx £105 GBP per night).

Thank you

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AvatarRusty Staff answered 1 month ago

The Royal National Hotel is located right above the Contiki Basement & where your Contiki bus will depart from. It’s perfect if you want to be close and it’s fairly well priced for Central London.

If you’d like to spend a bit less, then you can always check out hostels closeby.

Here’s 5 cheap hostels perfect for your London Contiki departure.

AvatarMichelle answered 2 months ago
I’m staying in the hotel where the bus leaves from. It’s called Royal National hotel.

AvatarScott answered 2 months ago
Just Google places around Russell Square. I found a few decent hostels that popped up. Easy!

AvatarKimmy answered 2 months ago
My bf & me are staying at the Royal National hotel. It’s where you will leave from on the morning your tours starts.

OK it doesn’t look that crash hot but we are arriving last afternoon so really just need somewhere cheap and close to the bus!

Paid $236.44 Australian dollars total for both of us.

Kimmy x


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