7 Tour Companies
Like G Adventures

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People may seek alternatives to G Adventures tours due to expensive packages for budget-conscious travelers and the desire for personalised and tailored experiences which can be challenging to obtain with larger groups.

Just because you're looking for tour companies like G Adventures tours doesn't mean it is not a great company, but that travelers have different needs and preferences.

New tour operators are also emerging with innovative travel concepts.

So here they are...

Our selection of G Adventures alternatives.

Every tour operator provides thrilling travel experiences and unforgettable trips for young adults.

Intrepid Travel's small group tours allow travelers to experience local cultures and traditions authentically while connecting with like-minded people from around the world. Intrepid operates 18 to 29s Europe adventures with a focus on cultural immersion, local experiences, and budget-friendly travel.

                         1. Intrepid Travel


Contiki is a tour operator that specialises in travel experiences for 18 to 35-year-old travelers.

Contiki tours offers a wide range of tours, from cultural immersion and adventure trips to music festivals and ski vacations, designed to create unforgettable experiences for young adults.

             2. Contiki


                           3. one life adventures

One Life Adventures offers immersive cultural experiences for young travelers looking to explore Asia.

One Life Adventures is big on sustainable tourism, and partners with local communities to create meaningful experiences.


TruTravels offers unique and affordable travel packages for 18 to 35-year-olds.

The company's focus on creating a sense of community among its travelers sets it apart from other tour operators.

                           4. TRUTRAVELS


Bamba Travels is a tour operator that provides customisable travel experiences and transport services in various destinations worldwide.

It offers a wide range of activities and itineraries for independent travelers seeking flexibility and adventure.

                    5. BAMBA Travels


On The Go Tours is a tour operator that specialises in cultural and adventure tours to a wide range of destinations worldwide.

The company offers small group tours, private tours, and tailor-made itineraries to cater to the diverse needs & interests of young travelers.

                         6. On The Go Tours


INTRO Trave specialises in providing group tours for young travelers aged 18-39.

Their trips are designed to provide a fun, safe, and social way for solo travelers to explore and experience new destinations around the world.

              7. INTRO Travel