Topdeck Discount Rewards – 4 Ways To Save Up To 15% Off Your Trip

Here's how you never have to pay full price for your Topdeck trip 💁‍♀️

If you’re not the type to sniff out a bargain before you whip out your credit card, then you’re probably unaware that there are a few simple ways to save on your Topdeck booking using Topdeck discount rewards.

While Topdeck Travel is relatively well-priced, the cost of your tour can be a large part of your overall holiday expenses so if there’s a way to pay less; then you’d be mad not too.

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What are Topdeck discount rewards?

  • Topdeck discount rewards are stand-alone discounts.
  • They are not able to be combined with other Topdeck deals or discount codes (but you can use two discount rewards at the same time).​

Unlike traditional Topdeck discount codes and deals which apply to almost every passenger, discount rewards are only applicable in particular situations. So the downside is that if you don’t meet the conditions, then you don’t save.

Not cool Topdeck.

But all is not lost. Topdeck discount rewards are available all-year-round whereas some Topdeck discount codes and deals are only available at certain times of the year – and on selected tours.

The year-round ability of these rewards is a huge advantage for you because if you can’t find a discount code for the tour you want, then you might be able to make use of a Topdeck discount reward and still save on your booking.

Hey, any discount is a bonus.

How much can I save?

Individually, the maximum discount is 10%, but to achieve this, you’ll either need to book with ten or more friends (friends & discounts), or book four or more tours at the same time (multi-trip discount).

That’s not an easy feat.

So how can you maximize your savings using Topdeck’s discount rewards?

The answer is that you’ve gotta double up! Why? Because you’re allowed to add two different rewards together for a maximum discount of 15%.

Let’s look at two examples:

Example one

You book a Topdeck trip with four friends, and you all pay in full more than six months before your departure date.

Discount rewards used: Friends & Discounts (5% off per person) + Early Payment Discount (5% off per person).

Total saving: 10% per person.

Example two

You book three Topdeck trips at the same time, and you’ve travelled with Topdeck before.

Discount rewards used:

Multi-Trip Discount (7.5% off ) + Past Passenger Discount (5% off).

Total saving: 12.5%.

Of course, you might not be a past Topdeck passenger, or you might not be willing to travel with four or more friends so your options can be limited here. But if you are in a position to pay well in advance, then you can still save 5% off your booking.

REMEMBERYou can only combine two Topdeck discount rewards for a maximum discount of 15%.

Which Topdeck discount rewards are available?

There are six Topdeck discount rewards on offer, but only four of them provide a discount. The other two – rolling deposit and no-strings guarantee – are only handy if you have to pull out of your trip unexpectedly.

We have found that the most commonly used discount rewards are the group discount, the multi-trip discount, and the past passenger discount.

Past Passenger Discount

Like any travel company, it comes as no surprise that Topdeck wants to encourage repeat customers. So if you’re thinking about going on another Topdeck tour, then you’ll get a discount of 5%. Now whilst this doesn’t sound overly generous, it is worth taking advantage of if you have already travelled with Topdeck before.

Let’s crunch some numbers to show you how much you could potentially save.

Let’s say you’re booking a trip valued at £1,800. If you take advantage of the past passenger discount of 5%, then you will save £90.

That’s pretty good going!

How to get this discount

It’s easy. Just find the tour you want to book, log into the Topdeck site and tick the “I have previously travelled with Topdeck” box. The team at Topdeck will apply the 5% discount when they process your booking.

Make sure you tick this box when booking via the Topdeck website to get the 5% past passenger discount.

5% Off For Past Passengers
2 months ago

5% Off For Past Passengers

Valid online only
Past passenger deal
Past passenger deal
Get 5% off if you've travelled with Topdeck before.
FYIIt’s easy to redeem this discount online & you don’t need to speak with a Topdeck advisor.

Friends & Discounts

Quite a lot of people book Topdeck trips as a solo passenger, but according to a Topdeck poll, 53% of people would rather travel with friends than go solo.

So if you & your group of friends are thinking of travelling together, then you need to take advantage of the Topdeck group discount – the more people you book with, the more you’ll save.

Topdeck Facebook poll asking passengers if they want to travel solo or with friends

A recent poll by Topdeck Travel.

This group discount ranges from 5% through to 10% off. The discount amount increases with the more friends who book with you.

Here’s a breakdown of the group discount:

Group SizeDiscountBOOK NOW
4-6 friends5% offGET DEAL
6-9 friends7.5% offGET DEAL
Ten or more friends10% offGET DEAL

How to get this discount

Everyone in your group needs to be booked on the same trip departure.

7.5% Off Group Bookings (7-9 People)
2 months ago

7.5% Off Group Bookings (7-9 People)

Valid online & via phone
Group deal
Group deal
Save 7.5% off per person if a group of 7-9 or more book & travel on the same trip.

TIPYou can redeem this discount online, but I would recommend that you contact a Topdeck advisor before your group pays to ensure that the discount is applied.

Multi-Trip Discount

Have you ever just thought “f*ck it, I’m going travelling for six months”? Well if you have – and you decide to make multiple trips with Topdeck, then get the 5% multi-trip discount.

5% might not seem like a lot, but let’s take a look at the numbers.

Say you book one trip worth £1,500 and a second trip at the same time for £1,700. You’ll save £75 with this deal.

Muti-trip discounts work on a sliding scale. With more bookings comes more significant savings.

Here’s how it works:

# Of ToursDiscountBOOK NOW
Two5% off the cheapest tourGET DEAL
Three7.5% off the cheapest tour + 5% off the second cheapest tourGET DEAL
Four or more10% off the cheapest tour, 7.5% off the second cheapest tour + 5% off third & any additional tripsGET DEAL

How to get this discount

The only condition is that you must book multiple trips at the same time. The Topdeck team will apply the discount when they process your booking.

Up To 10% Off Multi-Trip Bookings
2 months ago

Up To 10% Off Multi-Trip Bookings

Valid online & via phone
Multi-trip deal
Multi-trip deal
Booking conditions apply. See the rules.
TIPYou can redeem this discount online, but I would recommend that you contact a Topdeck advisor before you pay to ensure that the discount is applied.

Early Payment Discounts

Now this one might be more difficult to achieve as it involves some serious planning and even better money management skills – neither of which I have.

But if you do, and you book and pay for your tour in full six months or more before your trip departure date, then you’ll get 5% off.

FYIThis offer does not apply to Australia and New Zealand residents.

No Strings Guarantee

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and Topdeck knows that, which is why their no-strings guarantee could be a real lifesaver.

If you have to pull out of your trip before it departs, then they’ll roll your deposit into a future booking and even waive the amendment fee.

That’s nice.

When NOT to use Topdeck discount rewards

Now while a potential 15% discount sounds excellent, a word of warning before you pull out your credit card.

You should weigh up whether using a discount reward is more advantageous than using a standard Topdeck discount code or deal if one is available for your tour.

Remember that discount rewards cannot be combined with any other deal type and the maximum you can save is 15% – even when you combine two, so you might be better off not using one in some circumstances.

How does this work you might ask?

Let’s pretend there’s a 25% discount for the Topdeck tour you wish to book (which is quite common by the way); then you’re better off forgetting about these Topdeck discount rewards and snapping up the 25% off deal instead!

In this case, you’d be saving at least 10% more.

Best practice when using a discount reward

Except for the past passenger and early payment discounts, I would strongly recommend that you contact a Topdeck advisor before you make your booking. This way you can discuss your reservation and ensure that you are meeting the requirements to receive the discount.

Helpful infographic showing the four different discount rewards available

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  • Jacinta says:

    These are so good. I knew about the past Topdeck passenger deal but not the early payment discount.

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Rusty says:

      You’re welcome Jacinta. Glad you found it helpful!

  • Luke says:

    Are these available for all Topdeck tours??

    • Rusty says:

      Yes they are Luke. But I suggest that you check out the Topdeck discount codes as well as you might be able to save a bit more with one of them.

      If you can’t find a code for a trip you’re after, then use a Discount Reward (if you’re eligible).


  • Nope says:

    As if anyones going to haul 10 or more people along on their trip lol

    • Rusty says:

      Ha, yeah 10 is a decent size group that’s for sure!

  • Suzie says:

    Really well explanations of the deals. Thank you!

    • Rusty says:

      Thanks Suzie. Hopefully you saved some money with one of them!

      • Suzie says:

        I used a promo code because it saved a little more than what I could get with a discount reward 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    “book and pay for your tour in full six months or more before your trip departure date” Yeahhhh that ain’t gonna happen! 🙁

    • Rusty says:

      I know. It’s a long time in advance to outlay money… but if you can do it, there’s a 5% saving which is nice.

    • Casey says:

      If you can afford to pay that far in advance then youre not going to be goin on a Topdeck trip!!!

  • Travis says:

    Do you need promo code for the multi trip bookings?

    • Rusty says:

      No you don’t Travel. You do need to ensure that you follow Topdeck’s t&c’s when booking though.

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