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We can’t do much travelling at the moment, but we can take a lovely little trip down memory lane.

If you’re up for a lesson about inflation, that is.

Anyone who has lived in London will remember TNT Magazine. It was a popular magazine for Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans living in London from 1983 until it went bust in 2013 😵

We did a little digging through their archives and found some interesting shocking price increases in tour costs over the last decade.

Now, while it sux that prices increase over time, but we get that it happens, and we understand why it happens. But, has our salaries gone up at the same rate? Sadly not 😩

Topdeck Travel

Woman jumping into Adriatic Sea from Topdeck Sail Croatia boat with a group of friends swimming close by

Topdeck’s 18-day European Odyssey tour has seen the price increase by a whopping 94%.

That’s 9.4% per year!


Contiki’s tour prices have increased over the last decade, but not near as much as that of Topdeck.

The most significant jump was 46% for the European Whirl tour.

Travel Talk

TravelTalk has always been renowned for offering great tours at excellent prices.

And with just a 5% increase in 10 years, they are a top choice for budget-friendly travellers.


You can be sure that when Busabout reemerges from its COVID-19 deep sleep that its prices will be much higher to help recover from the devastation of 2020.

On The Go Tours

It certainly looks like On The Go Tours have been on the way up since these prices first published a decade ago.


With a 9.8% increase annually on their Passage to Petra tour, you’d want to hope that the increase is worth it.

Which tour operator prices increased the most?

It’s important to note that we have only compared a small selection of tours as listed in this 2010 TNT Magazine edition, and as such, should not be taken as 100% accurate.


But it’s quite apparent that there has been a massive increase in tour costs over the last decade – but not every tour operator has increased at the same rate.

+ 5%TravelTalk
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+ 46%Contiki
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+ 94%Topdeck & On The Go Tours
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TravelTalk’s tour prices are by far the closest to those from 2010 with just a 5% increase in the tours we compared.

So if the price is your ultimate deciding factor, look no further than TravelTalk for your next trip.

Contiki came in second best with a maximum of 46% price increase.

But Topdeck and On The Go Tours, both have the most significant with upwards of 94% price increase since 2010.

So, who will you be travelling with next?

Topdeck Travel
G Adventures
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