Everything You Need To Know About Topdeck Travel


Back in 1973, Graham 'Skroo' Turner had a brilliant idea that would change the world of travel forever.  He founded Topdeck Travel, ushering in a new era of adventure and exploration.

History of Topdeck

History of Topdeck

Skroo converted an old double-decker bus into a rolling adventure machine. His very first tour was a thrilling six-week escapade through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, all for just £110 per person!

six weeks for £110

Over 40 years later, Topdeck Travel still offers an escape from the daily grind, inviting you to uncover extraordinary places with like-minded adventurers.

Topdeck Trip Styles

Topdeck Trip Styles

Topdeck offers four unique trip styles for young travellers, offering something for every taste & budget.

If you're after non-stop fun and socialising with a large group, the 'Get Social' style is perfect.

Get Social

For those seeking a balance between group activities and personal downtime, 'Play & Pause' offers the best of both worlds.

Play & Pause

'Delve Deep' is ideal for those looking to explore destinations more thoroughly with a smaller, close-knit group.

Delve Deep

And for the sea lovers, 'Sail & Swim' combines sailing adventures with beach relaxation.

Sail & Swim