Africa Tours & Trips

There's nothing quite like a vacation in Africa - from the thundering waters of Victoria Falls to gorilla trekking in Rwandan forests.

Africa tours for 18-35 year olds are the perfect way to explore a continent unlike any other. From mountain climbing and safaris in Kenya to surfing in South Africa, there is an abundance of experiences to be found on a tour of the African continent.

These tours offer much more than just sightseeing; they provide opportunities for incredible adventures, culture exploration, and memorable interactions with locals who keenly share their knowledge and stories. Many tour operators provide fully guided tours that include transport, accommodation and meals, making it easy to travel without having to worry about logistics or safety. There are even specialised trips tailored to your interests such as photography or bird watching expeditions!

An African holiday is one that promises unforgettable memories among stunning landscapes, vibrant cities and diverse wildlife – so why not take a trip today?