Contribute your travel content

Are you a travel blogger looking for a new audience eager to eat up your content masterpieces?

Then, we’d love to hear from you!

We are excited to open up 18-35 Travel to genuine travel bloggers with quality articles. In return, we can offer exposure for your content on our website, social media profiles and a backlink to your website.

What content do we want?

  • Technology or gear-related content
  • LGBTQ+ travel content
  • Solo travel stories/guides/tips
  • Group travel stories/guides/tips
  • Reviews or in-depth overviews of a travel operator
  • Reviews or in-depth overviews of a tour
  • Budget-related travel hacks (cheap accommodation, cheap eats etc)
  • Travel hacks or listicles
  • Video content

Your content must

  • Be at least 800 words long
  • Be written from your personal travel experiences
  • Not contain links to commercial pages
  • Be well structured with correct headers
  • Be SEO optimised
  • Have correct spelling and grammar
  • Be your own original content (we’ll check!)

How to submit your content

If you’re interested, send an email to with your content and we’ll be in touch!

Our Writers

Riley 4 Articles
Tech, travel gadgets, travel gear
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Kiera 10 Articles
Aus & NZ travel, working holidays, flights
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Mia 10 Articles
Food, accommodation, female-only travel tips
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Caleb 9 Articles
Student travel, deals, budget travel, hostels
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Ethan 8 Articles
Travel insurance, sustainable travel, off the beaten track travel
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Russell 44 Articles
Money-saving tips, operator reviews, LGBTQ+ content
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Stephen 6 Articles
LGBTQ+, remote working, luxury travel
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