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European festivals have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and Busabout festivals allow you to fast track your way into the biggest and best festivals and see some new sights while you’re there.

Over the last decade, music festivals especially have attracted millions of young travellers from all corners of the globe, and it’s truly epic and can be a wild few days.

But Busabout festivals aren’t just about getting loose (although that’s a big part of it), you’ll also explore local areas through free city orientation walks and optional trips to local landmarks.

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Young festival goers covered in tomatoes at the annual La Tomatina festival
La Tomatina is possibly the messiest festival in Europe

A word of warning though – many of these Busabout festivals sell out in minutes. So get your squad together and start planning the ultimate European festival tour with Busabout!

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1. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival with more than six million attendees, and over 7 million litres of golden goodness served in giant steins 🍻

It’s one of the world’s biggest parties, and Busabout has two epic Oktoberfest tours to this Bavarian batshit crazy festival.

Both trips have the same inclusions, but as the name suggests, one is staying in tents and the other in hostels. Busabout’s Oktoberfest camping tour starts from $399 (£229), and their Oktoberfest hostel tour starts from $789 (£439).

Download the Busabout Oktoberfest guide for full details.

2. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is an insanely popular electronic dance music festival and a popular Busabout festival which sells out in minutes.

And with superstar artists such as Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, ASAP Rocky, Jonas Blue and many more hitting the stage, it’s no wonder the Tomorrowland festival has become so huge.

And guess what? Busabout is an official travel partner of Tomorrowland 🙌

Busabout runs a wicked (albeit pricey $3,239/£1,799) 5-day tour exploring France, Belgium & the Netherlands with a Full Madness Tomorrowland Pass and loads of other perks included.

3. La Tomatina

La Tomatina is undoubtedly one of the messiest Busabout festivals.

Every year on the last Wednesday of August, tens of thousands of people take part in an insane food fight involving over one hundred metric tons of tomatoes being pelted at any moving object on the streets of Buñol 🍅

It’s total vegan-friendly chaos.

And to get you amongst the juicy action of La Tomatina, there’s a Busabout festival tour starting from $599 (£329).

The Busabout La Tomatina 3-day hotel tour includes your accommodation, breakfasts, transfers plus entrance into the tomato fight & the official after-party.

Download the Busabout La Tomatina guide for full details.

4. Ultra Music Festival

When it comes to Busabout festivals, Ultra Music Festival has to be the most popular of them all.

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in sunny Split, the capital of Croatia.

More than 150,000 people known as Ultranauts attend this epic 3-day event which attracts international DJs such as Afrojack, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Steve Aoki to name just a few.

And who’s there to party into the sunrise with you? Busabout, of course!

Busabout offers a 5-day Ultra Music Festival tour with all your accommodation; orientation walks of Split, access to the Ultra warm-up party and your 3-day Ultra general admission pass.

Trips start from $1,099 (£609)

Download the Busabout Ultra festival guide for full details.

5. Sziget Festival

Held every August in northern Budapest, the Sziget Festival welcomes more than 1,000 performances and has been ranked one of the five best festivals in Europe by The Independent.

Sziget is a mashup of different genres. You can to dance to the latest hits, go crowd surfing in a heavy metal mosh pit or chill out to Hungarian Gypsy-folk jazz.

And just as popular as the festival itself is Busabout’s 4-day Sziget tour. Starting from $1,009 (£559) you get accommodation, breakfasts an orientation walk of Budapest plus a 3-day Sziget festival pass.

Download the Busabout Sziget music festival guide for full details.

6. Lollapalooza Festival

Lollapalooza music festival takes place in Berlin during September and has become one of the largest festivals in Europe.

Over the past five years, Lollapalooza’s lineup has welcomed the world’s biggest names including the Kings Of Leon, Major Lazer, Kygo, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Dua Lipa and many more.

With Busabout’s 4-day Lollapalooza festival tour, you can explore Berlin’s historical sites and get access to the festival from $859 (£479), including accommodation.

Download the Lollapalooza festival guide for full details.

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