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In case you haven’t noticed, the world is still pretty much closed due to COVID-19 and the new variances popping up.

Because travel is a complete mess, Contiki wanted to find out exactly what young travellers future travel plans were.

And guess what? You’re all gagging for it.

Here are the key takeaways from Contiki’s survey on topics such as vaccination, top destinations, and the kind of travel experiences you want when things open back up again.

63% plan to travel in 2021

Travellers holding their passports forming a circle with different nationalities of passports showing

71% would get vaccinated against COVID in order to travel


80% said safety is a major priority

86% said free cancellation & the flexibility to change your mind (74%) were the top two motivators to booking right now

38% said they missed exploring new destinations the most


40% are planning to travel to Europe

And 11% want to visit Asia

31% said they would prefer to visit less populated destinations to better socially distance

49% said they’ve come to appreciate travel more

Group of Contiki friends laughing and cheering their drinks together in the sunshine

And it seems Contiki passengers are not alone on this matter.


A recent Topdeck survey discovered that many young travellers were wanting more authentic trips and fewer‘ copy and paste’ experiences offered pre-COVID.

Statistics sourced from Contiki

Topdeck Travel
G Adventures
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