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It is no secret that Contiki is the industry leader when it comes to group travel. However, they sneakily launched something in June 2022 that few other tour websites have yet to adopt – tour comparisons.

Yes, you can now compare Contiki tours on their website!

With over 350 tours for young adults, your list is sure to include a few options. Contiki’s brand-new compare feature, however, allows you to quickly and easily compare up to 4 trips before you decide.

You will find ten key elements of your Contiki tour on the left side of the compare page, divided into two categories: basic information and trip details.

Basic information:

Example of 4 Contiki Europe trips being compared on the Contiki website
Easily compare basic tour information such as the number of days, number of places & countries you'll visit and the maximum number of people in your tour group

Trip details:

Example of 4 Contiki Europe trips being compared on the Contiki website
See key trip summary & highlight points, tour map, a clear itinerary and your included meals

How to compare Contiki tours online

You can add a tour to the compare feature by clicking the “add to compare” button on the tour page, or directly by searching for it on the tour comparison page.

How to compare a Contiki trip on the Contiki website
Found a trip you like? Click to add it to your compare list

Once you’ve found a tour you’d like to book, just go ahead and click the “view trip” button and start the booking process.

So, which Contiki trips will you shortlist and compare? You can book your next trip at contiki.com, or on our site here.

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