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What Is The Contiki Travel Lounge, And Is It Worth Joining?

There's no complimentary champagne, but you do get access to exclusive members-only deals 💰


As the world slowly emerges from COVID-19 lockdowns, thousands of young travellers are keen to dust off their passports and travel again.


But even though many countries are rolling out vaccination programs, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty around international travel and the ever-changing quarantine rules.


Is the new members-only Contiki Travel Lounge going to put your mind at rest and get you back travelling sooner?


We signed up to find out for ourselves.

What Is The Contiki Travel Lounge, And Is It Worth Joining?

What Is the Contiki Travel Lounge?

According to Contiki’s CEO, Adam Armstrong, “The Contiki Travel Lounge is an exciting step through the door for those who are keen to get out and travel again, as soon as possible.”


But basically, Contiki Travel Lounge is fancy talk for a private Facebook Group (or email list) where members get exclusive access to Contiki trips and discounts.


Disappointed? So were we – initially.


According to the Facebook Group, Contiki Travel Lounge launched on April 14, 2021, and now boasts over 580 members from all over the world.


While the Lounge is now open for travellers globally, those in the UK and United States will likely be the first to benefit from the launch, due to the high vaccination rates in these countries.

The Contiki Travel Lounge Facebook Group cover photo
The Contiki Travel Lounge Facebook Group has 580 members and growing by the day.

What are the perks of the Travel Lounge?

Summary of what you get:

Apart from handing over your email address, The Contiki Travel Lounge is free to join. You’ll have to provide your email address regardless if you join the Facebook group or the mailing list.


Once you’re a “member”, you will get access to Contiki trip drops, safe travel updates (handy with the state of travel ATM), and monthly mystery trips with savings up to 40% off standard prices.


You can even get your hands on some exclusive Contiki merchandise, such as sustainable water bottles, T-shirts and tote bags!


That got your attention, didn’t it.

A post in the Contiki Travel Lounge Facebook group with 30% off flash sale
You'll get updates about Contiki deals and sales in the Facebook Group

According to a recent Voice of a Generation survey conducted by Contiki in early 2021, sixty-seven percent (67%) of respondents from around the world stated that they would book a mystery trip, even if it meant not knowing where they were going until the day before.


So if these numbers are true, then the monthly mystery trips will be hugely popular with Contiki passengers – especially if you can save 40% off the tour price!


Let us know in the comments below if you’d be up for a mystery tour.

One of the first posts in the private Contiki Travel Lounge Facebook group
One of the first posts in the private Facebook group.

Should you join the Contiki Travel Lounge?

Honestly, it’s really going to depend on your personality and travel style.


If you’re an adventurous traveller who isn’t scared to explore new destinations without much planning, then yes, I would definitely recommend joining Contiki’s Travel Lounge.


But if you prefer to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and need a solid itinerary, then I would suggest joining the Contiki Travel Community Facebook group instead. It’s a global group of over 13 thousand travellers who are looking to connect with other like-minded people.


At the end of the day, joining the Contiki Travel Lounge is totally free and you can easily opt-out from their marketing emails or remove yourself from the group at the click of a button.


But with exclusive 40% off mystery trips every month and exclusive Contiki gear on offer, why not try it out. What have you got to lose?

"Mystery trips are there for the most adventurous travellers who are happy to take advantage of an exclusive deal while also being the first out there - wherever that may take them.”

Adam Armstrong, Contiki CEO

How to get Lounge membership

Becoming a member is easy and takes seconds. Just head on over to the Contiki website, register via the email form or apply to join the closed Facebook Group.


Our membership to the Facebook Group was approved within minutes.


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