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Adventures and travel operators G Adventures and Intrepid Travel have launched their latest campaigns on London’s transport systems in a bid to attract London commuters.

London office workers returning to the city has prompted new advertising campaigns encouraging them to remember those unforgettable moments that happen when they take an adventure.

The G Adventures campaign goes deep asking commuters ‘when was the last time you felt like this?’, while Intrepid Travel simply reminds people that travel in back for good.

In London, the transformation of ticket barriers into photo displays and digital posters will take place at Victoria Station stations.

Location-targeted Spotify ads and paid media will be deployed at key commutator hotspots during peak hours.

Intrepid Travel London bus travel is back for good
Intrepid Travel's 2022 campaign celebrates the return of travel

Intrepid Travel are promoting their pledge to make travel a force for good and the return of travel with their first ever big brand campaign in the United Kingdom.

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