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G Adventures is a Canadian-based tour operator that specialises in sustainable and responsible travel experiences. The company was founded in 1990 by Bruce Poon Tip and has since grown to become one of the leading tour operators in the world, offering over 700 different tours in more than 100 countries.


While G Adventures has won numerous awards for its responsible travel practices, some potential passengers may still have questions about the company’s legitimacy.


In this blog post, we will examine G Adventures’ reviews and responses to negative feedback, and provide helpful information for potential passengers.


Firstly, it is important to note that G Adventures is a legitimate and reputable tour operator. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has a proven track record of providing high-quality travel experiences.


Furthermore, G Adventures is a member of several industry organisations. These affiliations indicate that G Adventures adheres to industry standards and is committed to providing safe and ethical travel experiences for its passengers.

Positive reviews of G Adventures

Is G Adventures legit?
Customers have raved about their experiences with G Adventures.

G Adventures has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.


Many passengers have praised the company for its well-organised tours, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour leaders, and commitment to sustainable and responsible travel.


Reviews frequently mention the sense of community and camaraderie that develops among fellow passengers on G Adventures tours. Passengers have reported that their tours exceeded their expectations, and that they gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the destinations they visited.


Additionally, many reviewers have highlighted the personalised and authentic experiences that G Adventures provides. The company offers a wide range of tour options, from classic group tours to active adventures, and can tailor tours to specific interests and preferences.


Reviewers frequently mention the flexibility and responsiveness of G Adventures’ tour leaders, who are often able to make adjustments to the itinerary to accommodate the group’s needs.

Negative reviews of G Adventures

While the majority of G Adventures reviews are positive, there are also some negative reviews from past passengers.


Common complaints include the high cost of tours, cramped accommodations, and rushed itineraries. Some passengers also reported feeling disappointed with the quality of the tour guide, feeling that they did not have a good grasp of the local culture or were not able to effectively manage the group. Additionally, some customers have reported issues with cancelled or rescheduled tours, which can be frustrating for those who have already made travel plans.


While negative reviews are never ideal, they do provide valuable feedback for G Adventures and allow the company to make improvements and adjustments to its tours and services. It’s worth noting that many negative reviews are addressed by G Adventures’ customer service team, who are typically responsive and helpful in resolving customer complaints.


Additionally, G Adventures’ commitment to sustainable and responsible travel practices and its willingness to work with local communities is often cited as a positive aspect of the company by both positive and negative reviewers.

How to find honest G Adventures reviews

If you are considering booking a tour with G Adventures, one of the best ways to determine the legitimacy and quality of the company is by reading reviews from past passengers.


Fortunately, TourRadar provides access to over 6,000 G Adventures reviews, making it an excellent resource for potential passengers.


To view the G Adventures reviews on TourRadar, simply visit the G Adventures page on the TourRadar website and scroll down to the “Reviews” section. Here, you will find thousands of reviews from past passengers who have traveled with G Adventures on a wide range of tours.


Reading reviews from past passengers can be a helpful way to determine if G Adventures is a trustworthy and reliable tour operator. Many of the reviews on TourRadar mention G Adventures’ commitment to sustainable and responsible travel, knowledgeable and friendly tour leaders, and well-planned itineraries. By reading these positive reviews, potential passengers can get a sense of what to expect on a G Adventures tour and how the company operates.


In addition to providing access to G Adventures reviews, TourRadar offers several other benefits to customers. For example, TourRadar’s Price Beat Guarantee ensures that customers always get the best deal on their G Adventures tour. Additionally, TourRadar has a team of travel experts who can provide personalized recommendations and help customers find the perfect tour for their needs.


Booking a G Adventures tour through TourRadar can also offer peace of mind to potential passengers. As a trusted and established travel website, TourRadar provides a secure and reliable platform for booking tours with G Adventures.


The website also offers a convenient way to compare G Adventures tours with those offered by other tour operators, making it easy to find the best tour for your needs and budget.

Is G Adventures legit? A summary

In summary, the positive reviews of G Adventures far outweigh the negative reviews, and the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible travel, safety and security policies, and long track record of successful tours make G Adventures a legitimate and reliable tour operator for travelers under 35 years of age.


With a wide range of tours and a commitment to creating a positive impact on local communities and the environment, G Adventures is a great choice for those looking for an unforgettable travel experience.

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