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Stoke Travel is all about flexibility – and getting loose on a budget with an awesome bunch of international travellers.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better!

A Stoke Travel Passport is your ticket to a world of travel opportunities. With one, you can explore destinations on six continents, and take advantage of exclusive discounts on Stoke Travel’s trips and experiences.

Plus, the passport comes with a year’s worth of access to the Stoke Club membership program, which offers even more savings and perks.

Whether you’re looking to backpack Europe or party in Ibiza, a Stoke Travel Passport is your key to adventure.

Oh, and you get unlimited booze 🍺🍹

So, here's why you should totally get a Stoke Travel Passport

1. Because you'll get unlimited beer & sangria

Group of women travellers on a Stoke Travel Oktoberfest trip

Yep. Unlimited fucking booze 😱


It’s usually €10 per day for this, but it’s free with our special Stoke Travel promo code “1835TRAVEL

2. You'll tick EPIC festivals off your bucket list

With a Stoke Travel Passport, you can pick four trips from over 20 different options.

And we’re talking the best of the best festivals… La Tomatina, Oktoberfest, Spring Break Ibiza, King’s Day Amsterdam & more!

3. You'll party with large groups of like-minded people

And not just the Aussies & Kiwi travellers either.


On average, 90 different nationalities travel on a Stoke Travel Passport annually.

4. Your friends can tag along with you too

All they have to do is get their own Stoke Travel Passport, or book into the trips individually and you’ll be travel buddies.

5. There's no itinerary. You decide where & when to travel

Fuck plans, follow your heart.

A Stoke Travel Passport allows to you book something now, next week or next year. Travel on your terms.

6. You'll DEFINITELY get loose

Well what do you expect when you get free unlimited beer & sangria!?

Refer to #1.

7. And definitely, you're gonna get laid on a soggy mattress in a tent

No other travel operator would dare use these exact words in their marketing campaign.


That’s why Stoke Travel is only for open-minded legends.

8. You can upgrade your accommodation

For those of you who want to get laid in a bit of luxury instead.

But for real, you can get some pretty sweet glamping upgrades.

9. Your Stoke Passport is valid for two years

Your Stoke Travel Passport is valid for two years from the date you book your first trip.

10. Stoke Travel is rated 'excellent' on TourRadar

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From hundreds of legitimate reviews since 2006 👏

11. A Stoke Travel Passport is only €550

You get to make four trips for the price of three. And because Stoke Travel is an “all-inclusive” travel company, your trips will include accommodation ready on arrival & all meals.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll get unlimited booze?

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