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Gen Z-ers (those born mid-1990s to the early 2000s) plan to ditch their cliché social media travel posts, according to a recent survey by Topdeck Travel.

42% of young professionals said that posts with captions such as “Catch flights, not feelings” were the most cringeworthy, and they would not be replicated on their next travels.

Catch flights not feelings
Young travellers say that posts with clichéd captions such as 'Catch flights not feelings' are the worst to share on social media

The survey aimed to explore the impacts of COVID-19 on travel behaviour and how the pandemic has made younger travellers rethink what is important to them when it comes to travel.

Want to be completely unoriginal? Share a photo of you at the Leaning Tower of Pisa pretending it’s an ice cream, holding it up or kicking it.

Or  the absolute worst – shoving it up your friends ass.


No, really. This one has to stop, and 35% of young travellers agree.

Leaning Tower of Pisa stupid tourist photo
35% of young travellers think that 'copy and paste' tourist images need to stop

Remember the hot dogs or legs trend? That can stop now too please.

The third most cringeworthy are those tan line posts with 26% of Gen Z-ers claiming to stop posting such content.

And while we know that travelling as a couple with operators such as Topdeck or Contiki is a great idea, apparently, 25% of young travellers don’t want to see your PDA Insta pics.

You know what else they don’t wanna see?


Staged photos of your hotel room according to 23% of respondents.

General Manager at Topdeck, Charles Knowlton says “Our study has found that Gen Z is fed up with the polished Insta-worthy experiences that we’ve become over-exposed to today.”

“At Topdeck, we inspire young travellers to move away from generic imitative ‘copy and paste’ experiences, in a shift towards travel that ‘feels real’. We cannot wait to get back to helping our customers experience refreshing, authentic and life-changing discoveries.”

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