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Get Free Unlimited Beer & Sangria

About the Stoke Travel Co

Launched in 2006 by two mates, Stoke Travel initially started out life as Smashed Travel – until they realised it was a shit name and it was affecting their growth.

Rebranding to Stoke Travel enabled the brand to grow, and today they are Europe’s biggest festival travel operator with over 27,000 travellers annually to the wildest festivals in Europe.

Stoke Travel is not your typical 18-35 travel operator. Stoke Travel has an unashamedly obvious “we don’t give a fuck” attitude, and Stoke Travel operates completely differently to traditional brands such as Topdeck or Contiki which herd you around on buses like school children.

Fuck that. Stoke is the future of youth travel 🤘

When you’re with Stoke, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by hundreds – if not thousands, of like-minded travellers and party animals from all over the world.

Stoke Travel is a favourite choice for money-conscious backpackers, students, solo travellers, students and those on a gap year looking for an outrageous adventure.

What Type of Stoke Travel deals are available?​

A Stoke Travel promo code won’t get you a discount, but it will get you some pretty sweet freebies!

And because we’re awesome, we have our very own Stoke Travel promo code which will get you free UNLIMITED beer & sangria, & free Stoke apparel 💁‍♀️

How do you use a Stoke Travel promo code or get a freebie?

If you’re using a promo code, paste it in the field shown below when booking online.

If you’re after a freebie such as free unlimited booze (hey, who wouldn’t want that), you will need to click on the deal above and make your booking as usual.

Your freebie will be allocated to you – but only when you use our special links!

Instructions on where to paste your Stoke discount code when booking online

Stoke Travel trip styles

One thing that young travellers love is flexibility, and that’s exactly what the Stoke Travel Passport provides.

A Stoke Travel Passport is the open-minded travellers golden ticket. It gives you the ability to experience over 20 of Europe’s most spic festivals, surf trips, adventures and city breaks at your own pace.

It is important to note that if you’re using a Topdeck always-on discount, then you’ll need to ensure you meet the terms of the discount.

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