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Unless you’ve never actually been to Croatia, or if you don’t use Instagram, then you won’t realise just how gorgeous Croatia is.

With over 1,700 kilometres of sun-drenched coastline, the best way to fully appreciate Croatia is undoubtedly by boat, and doing a Croatia sailing tour is one of the most popular styles of tours for under 35’s.

The European summer is fast approaching which means that all around the world (let’s be honest, it’s mainly Aussies, Kiwis & Brits), people are planning their Croatia trips.

And with reliable companies such as Topdeck, Busabout, Contiki and Sail Croatia all operating Croatia island hopping tours, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs & budget.

But get in quick – the best routes, ships and departures book out months in advance!

So get the gang together and book your Croatia sailing tour before you miss the boat. Literally.

So here's our top reasons why you need to book a Croatia Sailing tour for 2022:

[wpsm_update label=”UPDATE”]Busabout has suspended all trips until 2022 or 2023. Learn more.[/wpsm_update]

Because Hvar is just ridiculously beautiful

Apart from its stunning views, The island of Hvar receives more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the Adriatic.

If you're after pristine beaches and endless sunshine, then Hvar has it all, plus much more!

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And this is how it ends

With some of the liveliest bars along the Adriatic Coastline, you're bound to have a few epic days and nights on your sail Croatia trip.

Just watch your step on the way back into your cabin!
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