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If you’re looking to travel the world with a group of like-minded young travellers, Contiki is a fantastic option. However, the age limit for Contiki is 18-35 years old.

The age limit for Contiki is 18 - 35 only
There are no exceptions to the Contiki age limit.
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Why is there an age limit for Contiki?

Tours offered by Contiki are fast-paced and intense, which is why they cater primarily to young people who enjoy partying, nightlife, and socialising.

The age limit for Contiki tours is there to ensure that all travellers are of a similar age and have similar interests.

It also allows Contiki to use social travel planning for more enjoyable groups trips for everyone involved.

There will be a lot to fit into each day, with late nights and early mornings. While not everyone on your trip will be drinking, many will, and we all know that the older we get, the more difficult it is to bounce back early in the morning.

What's it like on a Contiki tour if you're over 30?

Should you be concerned about doing a Contiki tour if you’re over 30 years of age?

Absolutely not!

Contiki claim that the average age of passengers on their tours is 26. But this age will vary significantly depending on which country you’re travelling in and which Contiki trip you are booked on.

There are many stories online about people who have traveled with Contiki after the age of 30, and they all explain that they were initially concerned about being an “old” person on tour or not making friends.

The good news is that everyone who is 30 years of age or older on a Contiki has had a wonderful time and even made new friends with people of a similar age.

Destination Contiki
Australia & NZ Average: 12-22
Maximum: 30
Europe Average: 22-35
Maximum: 52
Middle East Average: 12-22
Maximum: 30
North America Average: 22-35
Maximum: 52
Africa Average: 12-22
Maximum: 30
Asia Average: 12-22
Maximum: 30

Alternatives to Contiki Tours

One Life Adventures and Under30Experiences solely cater for 18-35s, where tour operators Topdeck, Travel Talk, G Adventures, TruTravels and Busabout all welcome travellers aged over 35.

Take a look at our list of the top alternatives to Contiki that are all suitable for people aged 35 and older.

Read our in-depth guide to Contiki alternatives.

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Logo Operator Age Limit Tours Destinations Price Range
Topdeck-feel-real-branding Topdeck Travel 18-39 335 Worldwide $$$
Busabout Promo Codes Busabout 18-99 498 Worldwide $$$
Travel Talk 18-60 144 Worldwide $$
G Adventures Discount Codes G Adventures 12-99 974 Worldwide $$$
One Life Adventures 18-35 8 Asia $$$
TruTravels logo TruTravels 18-40 37 Asia & Europe $$
Under30Experiences logo Under30Experiences 18-35 31 Worldwide $$
Travendly logo Travendly 18-45 18 Asia, Europe, Central & South America $$
Topdeck Travel
G Adventures
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