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Topdeck Travel is the answer to a travel fanatic’s dream.

Perhaps you are on your gap year before starting university, or maybe you’re after the adventure of a lifetime.

Whatever your reason; if you’re between the ages of 18 and 39, then it’s time to think about booking a Topdeck Travel tour.

Topdeck offer 18-39-year-olds the chance to uncover extraordinary with other like-minded people on over 370 different tour routes in 65 countries, from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East & North Africa.

Topdeck Travel understands the importance of sustainable travel.

They have put a great deal of time and resources into developing a strategy to ensure all their tours are designed with the environment in mind. Topdeck has reduced waste produced on trips with their fantastic plastic bottle scheme – they have also cut back emissions from their coaches too! 👏

Topdeck Travel history

Topdeck Travel was founded in 1973 by the Australian Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner and two of his friends who decided they needed to see the world. They invested in two double-decker buses while in England and set up a travel company.

That was how Topdeck Travel was born.

Topdeck Travel initially embarked on bus tours to the European continent, and areas of Northern Africa. The company grew and grew, and by 1980 they had seventy to eighty buses. During the ’80s, Topdeck expanded out to the United States and Australia.

Topdeck has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Topdeck Travel Launched 1973
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Topdeck Travel was founded in 1973. The original double-decker buses were converted to allow passengers to sleep on board during the early trips.
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The term 'deckers' was coined (now known as #Topdeckers). Tours expanded to the Middle East and overland between London and Kathmandu.
Early 1980s
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Topdeck Travel grew rapidly and expanded its operations into the United States and long-distance tours from Sydney to London.
Early 1990s
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Topdeck shifted from converted buses to coaches offering camping and staying on European campsites followed by the introduction of hotel trips.
2005 - 2007
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Topdeck introduced their hotel programme offering tours for all budgets. Explorer trips were officially launched.
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Topdeck Travel break into the US market with a variety of tours to North America & South America.
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Topdeck begin offering tours throughout Asia.
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Topdeck Travel launches its “Feel Real” mission aimed at travellers discontented with “filtered tourism”. Topdeck unveils three new destinations.

Topdeck Travel destinations

Topdeck Travel provides tours in many and varied destinations from the exotic to the extreme.

There’s a tour for every taste & budget.


Ever wanted to visit the land of fire and ice, otherwise known as Iceland? Or perhaps you are more interested in seeing ancient sites such as Italy’s world-famous Colosseum in Rome. You can do this with an Explorer tour.

There are over 160 tours that Topdeck Travel manage in Europe, and every one of them will allow to experience a new culture and language and see something truly authentic.

There are chances to go sailing, and you can choose where you stay, be it a luxury hotel or a budget hostel.

North America

If you have ever wanted a taste of real freedom them travelling across the USA and Canada can do this. The vast expanse of the country will put you in awe.

With so many trips to choose from, it may be challenging to make a decision. You may decide that a ride along Route 66 is your thing, or perhaps a visit to a National Park in Utah. Or maybe you could go and travel the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

A trip like this allows you to not only explore places you would never usually go, but it will enable you to find a piece of you that was missing before. North America is so vast, but instead of feeling lost, you will feel found with Topdeck Travel.

Middle East & Africa

Seeing the sand-dunes of the Sahara is an overwhelming experience and one that you may need to satisfy in yourself. Seeing the pyramids rise from the heat can cause emotions you never knew existed.

There is such a remarkable history in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, that if you were to choose a tour here, you would not be left wanting more.

There is nowhere like Africa. It has it all, the wild game, the wide-open expanse, the rugged landscape, and mountain ranges, the sense of wonderment that you have genuinely gone somewhere different.


The largest continent has so much to offer.

Topdeck Travel offers you many tours that can take you to the best sushi restaurants in Japan, the market places of Bangkok or island hopping around Bali.

Australia & New Zealand

A tour of the land down under can take you from the sandy beaches and surf to tropical forest and desert.

A road trip in Australia is something everyone needs to experience.

Or what about New Zealand where you can travel the road of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. New Zealand is a real gem. You will want to visit the stunning national parks and explore the labyrinth of caves and tunnels in the Waitomo cave system.

Whatever tour you choose, it is impossible to be disappointed.

Latin America

Whether you want to party in style, visit the Galapagos Islands or see the home of the Inca, a South American tour will make you want more.

There is nowhere on Earth that will make you feel as magical or in awe as the Amazon rainforest either. With so many destinations, you need to decide who you are, and what place calls to your soul.

Topdeck Travel testimonials

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Great driver and tour leader - really knew the histories of all of the places we went to. Great guys, really relatable and friendly. Rest of the group really made us feel welcome. Overall - fantastic tour.
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Absolutely awesome and brilliant!
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Absolutely amazing trip with amazing trip leader, bus driver and group. Didn’t want it to end.
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I loved it, it surpassed all my expectations. Would highly recommend.

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We may receive compensation from the travel operators we promote & our affiliate links . The opinions & views expressed on this website are entirely our own.

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