Australian Working Holiday Visa: Your Ultimate Guide To Working And Travelling In Australia

Everything adventurous 18 to 35 years olds need to know about a working holiday to Australia 🇦🇺 🦘🏄
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1. What is an Australian working holiday visa?

The Australian working visa (also referred to as a working holiday maker visa) allows young people from certain countries to enter Australia and work. The visa is available to people aged 18 to 30 (or 35 in certain cases).

A working holiday visa to Australia is an amazing opportunity to explore Australia while making some money and experience life in Australia. It is also a great way to gain work experience.

It really is the perfect way to holiday!

On an Australia working holiday visa you’ll have the opportunity to see all the country has to offer. You can explore the best of the Aussie outback, it’s famous bustling cities, or the gorgeous beaches and wildlife.

The working holiday maker program includes over 40 countries in two visa subclasses. The visa subclass you must apply for will depend on which country you’re a citizen of and hold a valid passport from.

In this Australian working visa guide, we’ll take a look at:

2. What are the Australian working holiday subclasses?

There are two working holiday visas for working and travelling in Australia: Subclass 417 and Subclass 462.

Which visa subclass you need to apply for will depend on which country you are from.

On either subclass you are allowed to extend your working holiday visa.

To be eligible for a working holiday visa to Australia you must:

There are some other eligibility criteria for both visas, so read our full guide on the difference between subclass 417 and 462 visas.

2.1 Which countries are eligible for an Australian working visa?

The Australian working holiday visa subclasses are for different country residents.


The subclass 417 visa is open to people with passports from Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Whereas the working holiday visa subclass 462 is available for people with passports from: Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, People’s Republic of, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Uruguay, Vietnam.

2.2 What is the age limit for an Australia working holiday visa?

When you apply for your working holiday visa to Australia, you have to be within the eligible age limit for your passport country.

The working holiday visa (subclass 417) accepts people aged 18 to 35 years – but that will depend on which country your passport is held in.

You must be aged 18 to 30 years old when you apply for the subclass 462 visa.

If you have a birthday while your working holiday application is pending & turn older than the age limit, you can still be granted the visa.

3. What's the difference between subclass 417 and 462?

There are four important requirement differences between subclass 417 and 462 visas.

These are:

3.1 Education requirements

To qualify for the subclass 462 visa, you must meet the educational requirements set out by the Immigration Department.

For the subclass 417 visa, you don’t need to.

3.2 Proficiency in the English language

A subclass 462 working holiday visa requires you to prove that you have adequate proficiency in the English language, whereas a subclass 417 working holiday visa does not require this.

3.3 Letter of support

On the subclass 462 visa, you are required to provide a letter of support from your government of origin, unless you’re from the United States. With a subclass 417 visa, you don’t.

3.4 Specified subclass work

If you wish to apply for a second or third working holiday in Australia, you must have completed three months of specified work in approved industries and areas.

These areas and types of work vary depending on your visa subclass.

Read our full guide about the working holiday visa subclass differences here.

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4. How much does an Australian working holiday visa cost?

The application fee for a 417 and 462 work and holiday visa to Australia costs $495.

5. Should I travel as soon as I enter Australia or get a job first?

This is your working holiday to Australia, and the decision is ultimately yours. We would advise that you enter Australia, get some travel done first and then start work.

Here’s why:

Looking towards the Gold Coast skyline from Currumbin at sunset
The Gold Coast on Australia's East Coast is a popular destination for those on a working holiday to Australia.

6. What jobs can I get with a working holiday visa in Australia?

A popular choice of work for young Australian working visa holders is hostel work.

If you’ve been a great guest and stayed at the hostel for awhile, they’ll probably give you some work!

But if you’re not looking to work in a hostel, don’t be discouraged by what you’ve heard about working holiday jobs. There are plenty of other great opportunities out there.

Australian working holiday visa hostel jobs
Hostel operators love to hire backpackers because they are young and enthusiastic.

If you’re fluent in English, contract work is a great way to stay employed and keep your skills sharp! You’ll be just as employable as you were back home.

You can find jobs in Australia that are just like the ones you have back home. With so many people working and travelling Down Under, you’re sure to find something that’s a good fit for you – especially if you’e got the support of a good working holiday company.

And don’t forget that if you fall in love with Australia and decide you’d like to stay permanently, sponsorship may be an option! If your Australian employer offers sponsorship, then you could ultimately earn residency in Australia.

The best way to find work is to use a professional service such as Global Work and Travel who can help you with the entire working holiday visa application process and support you while you’re working and travelling in Australia.

7. What can I earn while working in Australia?

Australian working holiday visa holders are entitled to the minimum wage. This means that no matter if you’ve got a job on a farm, in reception at a hostel, or serving tables in a restaurant, you must receive at least $19.84 AUD per hour (£11.22 or $13.82 USD).

This makes Australia one of the best places in the world to work. With a minimum wage this high, you definitely don’t want to miss out on applying for your Australian working visa soon!

7.1 Bar staff / Waiting / Hospitality staff

If you end up in the hospitality industry in a metropolitan area, then can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour! Plus, tips can often be worth $50 to $200 per week.

If you fancy experiencing hospitality life in the Australian outback, then you can expect to receive anywhere between $200 to $300 per week, plus all your meals and accommodation are included.

7.2 Office & administration jobs​

In Australia, $20 an hour is the minimum wage for jobs like data entry or general administration, and some roles pay up to $25.

7.3 Au pair work

Whether you work in a live-in or live-out position will determine your earnings.

A live-in Au pair receives all accommodation, food, and up to $500 AUD per week, depending on the number of hours you are required to work.

If you are hired for a live-out position, you will normally make $15 AUD to $20 AUD per hour.

7.4 Farm work

Australia’s agricultural industry normally provides accommodation and food for its holiday workers. For the week, you should expect to earn between $200 and $400.

If you’re an experienced worker or have tractor driving experience, you can expect to earn upwards of $750 per week.

Young girl on an Australian Working Holiday Visa in a farm
Many working Australian working holiday makers find jobs on farms.

7.5 Fruit picking jobs

Getting a job picking fruit is a hugely popular option for people on an Australian working holiday visa – but typically on a short term basis only.

Working hard and long hours can get you up to $800-$1000 per week, as this type of work is usually paid on a piece rate.

7.6 Sales & promotion jobs

Working in sales & promotion is quite a common job for working holiday makers in Australia – especially in big cities with vibrant nightlife.

There are many roles that pay base rate plus commission as well as commission only.

The average salary for roles with a base rate plus commission is $15 – $18 per hour.

A commission-only job should be treated with caution and many claim you will earn over $1,000 a week, but this is not always true.

8. How to apply for a working holiday visa

Applying for a working holiday visa is a simple process. You can access the official Government website, create an ImmiAccount, and complete your application for your visa subclass online.

Alternatively, you can use a working holiday company that will take care of your entire visa application, assist you with securing work in Australia and provide ongoing support while on your working holiday maker visa.

8.1 What documents do I need for an Australia working holiday visa?

When applying for an Australian working holiday visa, you will need to provide a range of documents to support your application.

The specific documents you need will depend on your nationality and the purpose of your visit.

Generally, you will need to provide evidence of your identity, funds to support yourself while in Australia, and evidence that you meet the health and character requirements.

To apply for a working holiday visa, you must first complete the online application form.

You will then need to print out the form and attach all required documents before mailing it to the Australian embassy or consulate in your country.

Make sure you allow enough time for postal delivery, as applications can take up to eight weeks to process.

For more information on what documents are required, please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

The step by step process for applying for a working holiday visa
The step by step process for applying for a working holiday visa.

8.2 Should I use a working holiday company or do my Australia working holiday visa application myself?

When deciding whether to use a working holiday company or do the visa application yourself, there are several factors to consider.

One of the main considerations is how much help and support you want.

A working holiday company can provide a lot of support, from helping you find a job to providing accommodation, while doing the visa application yourself requires more research and organisation.

Another consideration is cost. A working holiday company will charge a fee, while doing the visa application yourself is free.

However, it is important to factor in other costs such as flights and travel insurance.

Ultimately, whether you use a working holiday company or do the visa application yourself comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.

9. Is a working holiday in Australia a good idea?

If you’re looking for a long-term holiday to Australia, but don’t have the funds to make it happen, then a working holiday is perfect for you.

You’ll be earning money from your job, but you’ll be able to spend your days off experiencing all the wonderfully iconic things that makes Australia such a popular destination for working holiday makers.

We’re talking about snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, cashing crocodiles in the Northern Territory or visiting the world’s largest sand island – Fraser Island.

Working and travelling in Australia helps you to explore this beautiful country without going into debt.

Some working holiday makers can’t wait to travel. They spend the first few months exploring new places, and then settle down in one or two different locations to work, while other like to work for one month, travel for a month, and then work for another month.

No matter which way you go, getting a work visa for Australia makes travelling sustainable because you can keep topping up your travel funds with casual jobs and employment.

Living away from your home country also allows for you to gain a richer cultural understanding. You can really get a feel for the customs and traditions of the Australian cultures on a working holiday to Australia.

And of course, you’ll make so many new friends when you travel! It’s the perfect way to meet people from all over the world and create some amazing memories.

10. How much money do I need for working holiday to Australia?

Before you can start the Australian working visa application, you’ll need to make sure you have enough money saved up.

The Australian Government requires that you have at least $5000 AUD in savings before applying.

This may seem like a lot of money, but it will give you plenty of time to find a job and get settled in.

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to save up the money you need. Start by cutting back on unnecessary expenses and putting that money into a savings account.

Once you have enough saved, you’re ready to apply for your working holiday visa and start exploring Australia!

11. How long does it take to get an Australian working visa?

If you’re applying for an Australia working holiday visa, you can expect the process to take anywhere from one day up to 4 months, with subclass 417 typically being processed faster.

Obviously, this time frame can vary depending on your individual situation and the time of year you apply.

Summer is definitely the busiest time. So if you’re thinking about applying, don’t put it off too long!

Visa subclass 417 462
25% of applications Less than 1 day 9 days
50% of applications Less than 1 day 26 days
75% of applications 17 days 3 months
90% of applications 4 months 4 months

12. How hard is it to get an Australian work visa?

Getting a working holiday visa for Australia is not as hard as one might think. In fact, it is quite easy.

You’ll only need to meet a few basic requirements and complete the online application. There are no interviews or medical exams required.

The working holiday visa is perfect for those who want to travel and experience life Down Under and you can obtain any type of job, including seasonal work.

One of the best parts about the Australia working holiday visa is that it does not require any sponsorship from an Australian employer or family member.

Check out Global Work and Travel as they can hook you up with work in Australia and take care of your entire Australian working holiday visa application to ensure you are successful.

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13. What is the best working holiday company to use?

Are you looking for a way to travel and work in Australia at the same time? If so, you may be wondering which company is the best to use for your working holiday.

There are a number of companies that offer this type of program, but not all of them are created equal.

A great option is Global Work and Travel. This company offers placements in 6 countries with the Australian working holiday visa being one of their most popular services.

They also have a wide variety of Australian jobs available, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the right fit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a work and travel company:

And with Global Work and Travel, the answer is yes to all of these questions + more!

Don’t spend weeks job hunting in Australia with no income. Start planning with just a £1 deposit today and take the stress our of your Australia working visa application.

14. Can I get a second or third working holiday visa for Australia?

Yes you can!

It’s not uncommon for many people on a working holiday to want to stay longer in Australia.

And while you can’t extend a 417 or 462 working visa, you can stay in Australia longer by applying for a second and third working holiday visa.

The process for applying for a second working holiday visa to Australia.
The process for applying for another working holiday visa to Australia.

14.1 Applying for a second working holiday visa

If you want to apply for a second 417 or 462 visa, you must have completed 3 months of work as required by your visa subclass.

Your last working holiday visa must have expired less than 28 days from the date of your application.

14.2 Applying for a third working holiday visa

If you want to continue working and travelling in Australia you can apply for a third and final 417 or 462 subclass visa. Again, you must have completed 3 months of work as required by you visa subclass.

There is no possibility to apply for another Australian working holiday visa.

14.3 What does it cost to apply for another working holiday visa in Australia?

A second and third working holiday visa costs $495 – which is the same as the first visa application cost.

15. Working and travelling in Australia FAQs

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of overseas migrants on temporary visas in Australia has remained high.


This is amazing news and proves that working and travelling in Australia is still in high demand.


According to data sourced from the Department of Home Affairs, there were 1,470,899 people in Australia on temporary visas.


Of this, the work and holiday visa subclass 417 made up for 26,009 overseas migrants and the working holiday visa 462 subclass had 6,999.

Australia has a number of visa options available, depending on the purpose of your visit. If you’re just planning on staying for a short holiday, then you can apply for a visitor visa which will allow you to stay for up to three months.


However, if you want to stay longer than three months, or if your visit is for other purposes such as studying or working, then you’ll need to apply for a different visa.

The good news is that you’re generally covered by Australia’s national health care system, Medicare, if you’re a temporary resident. This includes most people on working holiday visas.


However, there are some things that Medicare doesn’t cover, such as dental work or ambulance rides. And if you have an accident or get sick while in Australia, you could end up with some expensive medical bills.


That’s where travel insurance comes in. It can help cover the cost of medical expenses, trip cancellations and lost luggage, among other things.


So if you’re planning a working holiday in Australia, it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance before you go.

Yes, you are allowed to leave and re-enter Australia during your working holiday visa. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


First, you cannot leave and re-enter Australia more than once in a 12-month period.


Second, if you leave Australia for an extended period of time (more than one year), your visa will expire and you will need to apply for a new one.


Finally, if you decide to leave Australia and return after your visa has expired, you will not be able to re-enter the country and will have to apply for a new visa.

Yes, you can apply for a second Australian working holiday visa if you meet the eligibility requirements.


To be eligible, you must have completed three months of specified work in regional Australia while on your first working holiday visa.


This work can be any combination of paid or unpaid work in agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, construction, tourism and hospitality.

The Australian government has set the age limit for its working holiday visa at 30 years old (up to 35 in some cases).

This means that applicants must be at least 18 years old, but no older than 35, in order to be eligible for the program.

The decision to impose an age cap on the working holiday visa was made in order to give young people from other countries a chance to experience Australia’s unique culture and lifestyle.

Youth mobility is an important issue for many countries, and the Australian government is committed to facilitating opportunities for young people to travel and work abroad.

You need to apply for the right visa and make sure you have all the required documents.

The first step is to find out if you are eligible for a working holiday visa. The requirements vary depending on your country of origin, so it’s best to check the Australian government website for more information or use an agency such as Global Work & Travel.

Once you know that you are eligible apply working holiday, the next step is to gather all the required documents. This includes a valid passport, proof of funds, and an online application form.

Once you have all the documents ready, it’s time to submit your application.

Yes, you can access health care services on a working holiday visa in Australia.

You are covered by Medicare, which is the Australian national health care system. This means that you can receive free or subsidised health care services from doctors, hospitals, and other providers.

If you need to see a doctor, just show your passport or working holiday visa to prove that you are eligible for Medicare. Make sure to also get an Australian Health Insurance Card (AHIC), which is your proof of health insurance coverage.

Yes, you can apply for a Australian working visa with a criminal record. However, the type of criminal record and the nature of the offence will affect your eligibility.

Some offences will disqualify you from being granted a visa, while others may only result in a temporary visa being granted.

You will need to provide details of your criminal record when you submit your application. This will be assessed by the Department of Home Affairs to determine your eligibility.

If your Australian working holiday visa gets denied, there are a few steps you can take. The first thing you should do is speak with the consulate or embassy to see if there is anything that can be done.

If your visa was denied because of a criminal record, you may be able to apply for a waiver. You can also appeal the decision or reapply if there were any errors on your original application.

We always advise that you use a working holiday company as they will ensure that your working holiday application is successful right from the start!

So you’ve had a great time in Australia and your working holiday visa is coming to an end. You don’t want to go home just yet, what can you do?

Luckily, there are a few options available to you for extending your stay in Australia.

The most straightforward way to extend your visa is to apply for another working holiday visa. This can be done either online or at an Australian embassy or consulate.

The process typically takes around two weeks, and you will need to provide evidence of your work and travel history in Australia.

Another option is to apply for a different type of visa. There are a range of visas available, such as the student visa, the partner visa or the skilled worker visa.

Each of these visas has its own requirements, so make sure you research which one would be best for you.

When working and travelling in Australia, you will need to have a local sim card in order to take advantage of the country’s great cellular coverage.

You’ll first need to figure out the size of the sim card that you need. Australian sim cards come in three sizes: standard, micro, and nano. If you are not sure which size your phone uses, check your phone’s manual or contact your carrier.

There are a number of different providers that offer prepaid sim cards, so do some research online or go into a store to find the best deal for you.

If you’re coming to Australia on a working holiday visa, you’ll need an Australian bank account to receive your pay and to easily access your money while you’re working.

First get your tax file number (TFN). You can apply for a TFN online through the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website. It usually takes around two weeks to receive your TFN, so apply for it as soon as possible.

The compare bank accounts. There are plenty of banks in Australia, so take some time to compare their products and services to find the best one for you.

Some banks may require that you have a TFN before opening an account, so be sure to check this beforehand.

A working holiday company such as Global Work & Travel will get all of this set up for you + more!

Australia has a working holiday visa program for Malaysians that is an excellent opportunity to experience life in Australia.

The visa allows Malaysian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 to stay in Australia for up to 12 months and work while they are there. This visa is a great way to explore Australia, meet new people, and gain work experience.

To be eligible for the Australian working holiday visa, Malaysian citizens must meet certain requirements.

They must have a valid passport, be able to demonstrate that they have enough money to support themselves while in Australia, and have a return ticket or evidence of funds to purchase a return ticket.

They must also be registered with the Australian government’s electronic travel authority (ETA) before they leave Malaysia.

Filipinos looking for a working holiday visa in Australia will find that the process is relatively easy.

The Australian government offers a working holiday visa program for citizens of eligible countries, including the Philippines.

This visa allows young people to travel and work in Australia for up to 12 months.

To be eligible for the Australian working holiday visa, Filipinos must be between 18 and 30 years old. They must also have a passport from an eligible country and meet certain health and character requirements. In order to apply for the visa, applicants must complete an online application form.

The Australian working holiday visa allows Filipinos to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world while earning money to support their travels.

Australia is a popular destination for British citizens on working holidays.

The country offers a range of opportunities for those looking to take a break from their studies or work and travel.

The Australian working holiday visa allows Britons to stay in the country for up to 12 months, and permits them to undertake short-term work while they are there.

The process of obtaining an Australian working holiday visa is relatively straightforward. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30, and must have a valid passport from their home country. They must also provide evidence that they have enough funds to support themselves while in Australia.

The Australian government has made it easier for young people from the UK to access its working holiday visas in recent years. 

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