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Here’s the latest Topdeck discount codes & deals for January. They have finally released their 2022 deals with a lovely 22% off selected Topdeck trips!



22% Off Selected Trips

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You must book your trip before 3rd March 2022 to get this deal. Click to see available trips.
Get 5% off if you've travelled with Topdeck before. Conditions apply.
Save 5% off per person when you book with 4 – 6 people all departing on the same tour at the same time. Conditions apply.
Save 7.5% off per person when you book with 6 – 9 people all departing on the same tour at the same time. Conditions apply.
Save 10% off per person when you book with 10 or more people all departing on the same tour at the same time. Conditions apply.
You must book multiple trips at the same time. Conditions apply.
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What type of Topdeck deals are available?​

Not all Topdeck deals come in the form of a discount code. Quite often, you’ll find that Topdeck mixes things up and provide a combination of different deals.


There are three main styles of money-saving deals always on offer; these are:

Topdeck always-on discounts

Always-on discounts are available all year-round, and savings range from 5% up to a maximum of 10% off.


There are three Topdeck always-on discounts:

Topdeck last-minute deals

Topdeck knows that booking a trip can sometimes be spontaneous; therefore, you’ll always find a large selection of last-minute deals available.

Topdeck Travel changes the tours and destinations monthly, and we often notice discounts between 10% – 30% off, which is fantastic if you can leave at short notice.

Topdeck discount codes

Topdeck discount codes are readily available, but often they are hidden in the terms and conditions, consequently making them challenging to find. Also, they are updated weekly, which is why we do the hard work by adding them to our site and updating the deals for you.

You can often find discount codes for all of Topdeck’s destinations, and they offer savings between 10% – 30% with a discount code. Each Topdeck discount code is unique. Topdeck also set the expiry date themselves. As a result, we always show the validity of the discount codes on deals.

It’s important to note that some discount codes will only work when you book via phone. We do find that most codes are valid when booking online though and we’ll always indicate how the Topdeck code can be used.

Why use a Topdeck discount code?​

If you’re considering travelling with Topdeck, then you’re going to want to use a Topdeck discount code or Topdeck deal before you book.

Topdeck is super generous when it comes to providing deals and Topdeck discount codes for a large number of their destinations, so you can often find savings from 5% right up to 30% on many trips.

There’s no need to waste your hard-earned money paying full price when you can use Topdeck deals and put that saved money towards fun things like excursions, food, drink and souvenirs or even your travel insurance!

How do you use a Topdeck discount code?​

First of all, you should check out our range of Topdeck discount codes. As soon as a new Topdeck discount code is released, we quickly add it to the site.

We have some exclusive Topdeck deals which you’ll only find here.

When you find a deal you’re after, click the button to reveal the Topdeck discount code and proceed to Topdeck’s website where you can complete your booking. You must make your booking online to apply the deal. To use the code, you need to:

  • Find the tour you want to book & click on the BOOK NOW button.
  • Build your quote and check the availability of the tour.
  • Finally, fill in your details and paste the Topdeck discount code into the “comments” section.

If you’re using a Topdeck always-on discount, then you will need to make sure that you satisfy the conditions of that discount.

Instructions on where to paste the discount code on the Topdeck website
Paste the Topdeck promo code into this section.

Topdeck Travel destinations

Topdeck Travel provides tours in many and varied destinations from the exotic to the extreme.

There’s a tour for every taste & budget.


Ever wanted to visit the land of fire and ice, otherwise known as Iceland? Or perhaps you are more interested in seeing ancient sites such as Italy’s world-famous Colosseum in Rome. You can do this with an Explorer tour.

There are over 160 tours that Topdeck Travel manage in Europe, and every one of them will allow to experience a new culture and language and see something truly authentic.

There are chances to go sailing, and you can choose where you stay, be it a luxury hotel or a budget hostel.

North America

If you have ever wanted a taste of real freedom them travelling across the USA and Canada can do this. The vast expanse of the country will put you in awe.

With so many trips to choose from, it may be challenging to make a decision. You may decide that a ride along Route 66 is your thing, or perhaps a visit to a National Park in Utah. Or maybe you could go and travel the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

A trip like this allows you to not only explore places you would never usually go, but it will enable you to find a piece of you that was missing before. North America is so vast, but instead of feeling lost, you will feel found with Topdeck Travel.

Middle East & Africa

Seeing the sand-dunes of the Sahara is an overwhelming experience and one that you may need to satisfy in yourself. Seeing the pyramids rise from the heat can cause emotions you never knew existed.

There is such a remarkable history in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, that if you were to choose a tour here, you would not be left wanting more.

There is nowhere like Africa. It has it all, the wild game, the wide-open expanse, the rugged landscape, and mountain ranges, the sense of wonderment that you have genuinely gone somewhere different.


The largest continent has so much to offer.

Topdeck Travel offers you many tours that can take you to the best sushi restaurants in Japan, the market places of Bangkok or island hopping around Bali.

Australia & New Zealand

A tour of the land down under can take you from the sandy beaches and surf to tropical forest and desert.

A road trip in Australia is something everyone needs to experience.

Or what about New Zealand where you can travel the road of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. New Zealand is a real gem. You will want to visit the stunning national parks and explore the labyrinth of caves and tunnels in the Waitomo cave system.

Whatever tour you choose, it is impossible to be disappointed.

Latin America

Whether you want to party in style, visit the Galapagos Islands or see the home of the Inca, a South American tour will make you want more.

There is nowhere on Earth that will make you feel as magical or in awe as the Amazon rainforest either. With so many destinations, you need to decide who you are, and what place calls to your soul.

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